Hi i'm Tim Müller

Commercially Orientated Graphic Designer

I'm a graphic designer with more than 5 years in-house working experience and 6 years of freelance experience working for more than 22 customers.

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Premium online fitness classes & nutrition.

I’ve created these premium fitness classes for everyone starting from beginner to advanced level with an in depth FAQ to answer all doubts.

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Make a change today

Transforming lifes with fitness & nutrition.

With free online classes people who don’t have the time or money to afford a personal coach can make change their lives forever.

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Unique poster for your establishment

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DJ Party Poster

Party poster for a one-time event with a famous DJ at Cafe de Tapperij.

Feestweek Poster

Party poster for a series of celebrations in honour of Cafe de Kansel's birthday.

Windmill Poster

Party poster design for a private party located at one of Meppel's (NL) most famous landmarks.

Agenda Poster

Agenda Poster designed to fit the visual identity of Cafe de Buren and to be changed every month.

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Easy to manage CMS system intergraded int the page.
Multilingual site, easily translated to 5 languages.

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Coporate design at it's best

Catalogue Design

The Catalogue was designed during my in-house work as content manager at Batavia B.V. in The Netherlands. The catalogue was published in 3 languages and contains over 130 pages per language.

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E-Mail Newsletter Design

Get away from boring newsletters and spice things up with a great visually designed newsletter including state of the art user interaction tracking methods. Optimised for any device.

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Corporate Packaging Design

In the many years of experience I created many different packagings for over 10 different private label lines. Most of these packaging designs have very complex design guide lines. and have to be according to the EU rules for commercial packagings.

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